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The EuPCS, European Product Categorisation System, provides additional information to the UFI Code, by describing the intended use of a product. Of course, here too, ChemGes provides features for automation. These can be found in the Settings for the calculation of country specific values (Maintenance programs - Program adjustments):

In ChemGes you can use Flags and Article Groups in order to automate the EuPCS output. In addition, in order to facilitate the use of special product groups on a customer defined basis, you can use the Customer allocation as well. ECHA did provide PC Code allocations, but as these do not cover all, you can make your own allocations. In order to refine the allocation even more for your needs, you can define Preferred Codes for your company. ChemGes generates the EuPCS dynamically, incorporating any changes, but also provides the possibility of locking this change and of making manual alterations. As you can see, ChemGes provides you options that cover your various needs.

The calculated/entered EuPCS can be seen for each preparation in the Country Specific Classifications screen of your preparation.

For further details, please see our manual or contact our support hotline.

Stay tuned for our next Newsletter discussing the PCN Notification function.

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