The following programs are only updates for existing program installations. They will not work without prior installation from a program disk.
Updates are made available exclusively to our customers with a valid and active maintenance contract. If you do not have an active maintenance contract, you are not authorized to download.
If the maintenance contract is terminated, we cannot guarantee in any way that the installation of this update will still work properly. Furthermore, we would like to point out, that in this case no support at all will be provided.


Update from version 40.0 or higher to Version 42.0.1 (November 27, 2015 - 16:34)
Please install this update only, if you have at least version 40.0 on your computer. If you install this update over an earlier version of ChemGes, the program will not longer work!

The update files have to be unzipped into the main directory of ChemGes (usually chem). After the restart of ChemGes the update will be performed automatically.

MSDS+ (always latest version)

Please unzip the file into the directory MSDS. To forward it to your customers, you have to copy the file as it is, directly onto the program disk of MSDS+.

Manuals in PDF-Format
Introduction toChemGes
Update description
Exposure Scenarios
GHS & ChemGes - Overview and quick guide

Graphic brief introductions for the following program parts:
GHS & ChemGes

Raw Materials

Phrases and their conditions

Allocation of variables

Exposure Scenarios


Phrases & their conditions

Online help files - This file has to be unzipped into the main directory of ChemGes.